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Business Telephones – Data – Cabling - Electronic Security – Video

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Most people are confused about who they should talk with about voice and data communications let alone their video and electronic security or their audio and paging and any other low voltage electronic equipment needs.  In fact, people don’t even know what those needs are … wouldn’t it be “great” if …



*  Your answer is here!

*  You can make just ‘one’ call to get the resources you need!

*  You can feel confident that you will get the results you desire!


Believe it … it’s up to you!


Areas of Specialization


All About provides a variety of products and services, all of which involve low voltage electronics.  As the name indicates, “All About”, is what we are.  The following list covers the principal areas of involvement:


         *   Business Telephone Systems

         *   Network Cabling

         *   Burglar Security Systems

         *   Fire Safety Systems

         *   Access Control Systems

         *   CCTV

         *   Audio/Sound/Paging

         *   Security Monitoring

         *   Local/Long Distance/High Speed Data Service





We provide a variety of equipment from a variety of vendors.  All of whom are well known in the industry and who provide top quality equipment to fill the need that you may have.  Quality names such as AT&T/Lucent/Avaya, Ademco Security, Caddx Security, Estech Systems, NEC, Norstar, Panasonic, Pelco, Russound, Vodavi, and many more.  These are certainly well known names and names that you have come to respect.  The importance is that the price is right, along with the quality.  That’s what All About will do for you.





There are a lot of places to get equipment.  The challenge you may face is finding the professional who can install the equipment and make it work for you.  We are the installation professionals that listen to your needs and work with you closely on providing the skills to adapt the equipment to your environment.  Whether it’s a telephone system, a data network, an access control system, a security system, a sound system or other low voltage products we will take the time to install it properly for you.  Let All About know what your needs are and how we can help.





Are you challenged by the fact that you have equipment that has been installed and you know it can do many things but no one has taken the time to truly train you on how to make this “thing” work?  Having been on the other your side of the desk, we realize that too often not enough practical training is provided.  And … we know that just one training session will not result in your learning the effective use of the equipment.  That is why we take a multiple step process in helping you understand what the equipment is and how to use it.  The first step is to give you a brief run through and training session … at a later time and after you’ve used the equipment for a short time, we go through the equipment with you again and answer questions that have developed from the beginning until then.  Then, we come back again and go into individual questions that be have specific to an individual’s personal use … we make sure you know the equipment and are comfortable with it.  A multi step process is the method All About will work with you and help you truly understand how to use your equipment effectively.





Once everything has been done and you know how and what to do with your equipment, unfortunately, there are times when the equipment needs to be serviced.  As with installing the equipment, All About provides a professional staff to complete the necessary tasks to service your product.  Qualified individuals who can determine the issue and provide the resolution that will bring you back to the level of service you need.  And you will find that All About can service equipment beyond what you may have purchased.  All About can service many more essentials to your business … just ask!

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